Here at Passport, we understand how frustrating it can be to arrive at a new destination without any clue on what to do. Please checkout this MUST GO PLACES! Type them into Google Maps.

Breakfast or Coffee Shops

1. HomeMade at Calle Revett 259 Miraflores

2. Buena Vista Cafe (Malecon de la  Marina

3. Manolo's at Larcomar

Coffee Tea
Malecon Coffee Tea
Coffee Miraflores

Lunch and Dinner

1. Punto Azul at Calle San Martin 595 (Arroz con mariscos, Ceviche, Chicharron de Pescado, etc)

2.Sangucheria La Lucha at Larcomarn or near Calle de las Pizzas

3. Mango's at Larcomar (Mostly for drinks, perfect view)

4.Javier's at Barranco ( Perfect View)

5.The Corner Sport Bar & Grill at Jose Larco 1207

6. Restaurante Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores

7. La Mar at Ave. Mariscal La Mar 770 Miraflores (Arroz con mariscos, Ceviche, Chicharron de Pescado, etc)

8. La Casa de los Anticuchos at Ca. Enrique Palacios 1292 Miraflores (for dinner, Best Anticuchos, Pancita, Choncholi in Miraflores to my opinoion.


1. Bar Publico at Ca Esperanza 339 Miraflores

2. Bar El Taita at Ave. Jose Larco

3. The Corner at Ave. Jose Larco 1207

4.La Emolienteria at Diagonal 598 Miraflores

5. Bodega Piselli at Ave 28 de Julio 297 Barranco

6. Mal de Amores at Ave. 28 Julio 205 Barranco

7. El gringo Bar at Ave. Ate. Miguel Grau 260 Barranco

Fresh Seafood Miraflores
Fresh seafood Barranco
Cevichi fresh fish
Local spot. Beer. Pisco.
 Pisco. Pisco Sour
Barranco Nightlife
Sandwhich shop fresh juice
Sports Bar Soccer UFC
Grilled Beef. Pisco
Barranco Bar Drinks
Drinks and buffet
historical site in lima
Barranco Drinks Nightlife


1. Bizarro at Francisco de Paula Camino 220 Miraflores

2.Calle de las Pizzas  Pizza street

3.Boulevard de Barranco (there are many free clubs)

4. Barranco Bar in Barranco

5.Retro Bar Help at Ca. Catalino Miranda 158 Barranco or Surco (Only on Thursdays)

Miraflores Nightlife Club
Beer Pisco Barranco Miraflores
Nightlife Resturants Clubs
Live DJ Live Music Hip Hop
Barranco Nightlife Club
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